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Eureko B.V. is a privately-owned, financial services Group, registered in Utrecht, The Netherlands, whose core business is   insurance, and which has operations in eleven European countries. Eureko has evolved from an alliance of like-minded, independent insurance companies with reciprocal goals, to its position as a much broader group with a number of operating companies which it either owns outright, or in which it has significant holdings.

The Eureko Group offers a full range of insurance – Life and Non-Life – and pension products, as well as asset management and banking.

Eureko’s philosophy is to create an integrated, pan-European group, consisting of market leaders in the territories in which its companies operate, providing, ‘local solutions, shared goals’. Each of its Operating Companies has a strong position in its local market; they know their customers and markets intimately, and are wholly customer-focused. It is this local expertise, along with the backing of a strong European Group and the sharing of skills and experience throughout the Group which is the corner-stone of Eureko’s values. To date, the Operating Companies have retained their own names, but the acquisition of the Non-Life insurance arm of Garanti Bank in Turkey required a change of the company name. This new company is Eureko Sigorta., which is the first instance of the Eureko name being used as a commercial brand.

The Eureko Group is rated “A+“ by Standard & Poor´s  (financial strength rating).

Eureko´s ambitions are to expand its European insurance activities, increasing its presence in the markets where it is currently active and seeking to enter new markets which fit its investment criteria.

Eureko has operations in the following countries (under the respective Operating Company brands):

The Netherlands, Luxembourg,          (Achmea)

Belgium                                             (Avéro Belgium)

Greece,                                             (Interamerican)

Ireland                                               (Friends First)

Slovakia                                            (Union)

France                                               (Império France)

Turkey                                               (Eureko Sigorta)

Start up Operations:

Romania (Interamerican Romania), Bulgaria (Interamerican Bulgaria), Cyprus (Interlife).

In addition, Eureko has a company based in Warsaw (Eureko Polska) whose personnel are engaged in the development plans of Eureko’s shareholding in PZU, Poland

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