Vacation in Bulgaria is the Most Advantageous
Vacation in Bulgaria is the Most Advantageous

Bulgaria is the cheapest county for resting and tourism according to data of British Post department, Zagrandom reported.
Jump in prices was marked mostly in the EU. In the USA and several European countries may be spend a vacation on acceptable prices, responding at the level of the given services.
The most acceptable for tourism and resting countries are: Egypt, South Africa and Thailand.
Europe is the most attractive for tourism continent. For comparing to the other continents, the Old continent is preferred due the historical sights, suitable climate and other characteristics, Alan Vella, member of the Tourism Union in the EC declared.
According to the expert 480 million tourists had visited Europe in 2006, 185 million - Asia and the Pacific islands and 142 million - North and South America.
Europe had gain from tourism 300 billion EUR, North and South America - 122 billion. France is the most visited Old continent country with 79 million tourists per year.