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The city of Varna lies in the Bay of Varna and is one of the oldest Bulgarian cities. In the 6th century Greek colonists from Millet first inhabited the area and gave it the name of Odessos. During the Roman times it was a big cultural and trading centre. Odessos was severally destroyed and finally fell under Byzantium power. Slavs renamed it to Varna and in the end of the VIII century it was included in the territory of Bulgaria. During the Second Bulgarian state, Varna was one of the most important trading and craft centres in the country. Its citizens traded with Italian towns’ republics and exported honey, wax, furs, grains, etc. In the XII-XIV centuries the town had an impоsing fortress, that functioned after numerous reconstructions till 1829. During the first centuries of the Ottoman domination,in 1444, a spectacular Christian campaign, leaded by the Polish king- Vladislav III was directed to Varna. The town was sieged by the knights during that campaign. The young king died in a battle near to Varna, and locals erected a mausoleum to his honour.